Explorer 8.5″ Challenger 10.5″

MGL changed the world of EFIS systems with the introduction of the iEFIS – a distributed; modular system with tap screen display modules and wireless node to connect to any Wifi compatible tablet or PC, plus much more than you can imagine!

Some day all EFIS systems will be like this! Until then

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The revolutionary iEFIS introduces custom designed touch pressure sensitive LCD displays developed specifically for small aircraft, which utilise the user interface advantages of a touch (‘tap’) screen, even in turbulent flight. As some operations can’t be fully replaced by a touch screen, the iEFIS 8.5″ Explorer display module adds five “clickable” rotary controls, plus twelve tactile buttons for quick access to often used functions. So iEFIS display modules, combine what’s is good with every method to allow a very quick, logical and interactive user interface. The iEFIS system in its entirety is a modular, highly ‘connected’ system, comprising:

  • The remarkable display panels (image of a 8.5″ Explorer panel above) which incorporate powerful processing capabilities, high resolution, sunlight readable tap screen displays and traditional user interfaces, but, no EFIS functionality; There are no device interfaces, no sensors. This makes the cost of the panels very attractive.
  • An iBOX – a small separate unit which can be mounted in a convenient location behind the panel (or nearby). The iBOX incorporates the ‘EFIS’ functionality of the system with a rich multitude of interfaces, pressure sensors etc. If redundancy is required, two iBOX’s can be used to create a system with a controlled main & hot standby;
  • A number of system modules, including those for engine monitoring systems (RDAC), AHRS, compass, external navigation and COM systems all connect to the iBOX. The only wiring to the display panel(s) required is power and the communications cable to the iBOX(s).
  • And a vast array of other equipment from MGL and third parties can be connected. Being a true distributed, modular system you can connect up to 8 iEFIS panels of any size and even use a wireless node (optional module) to connect to any Wifi compatible tablet or PC.
  • Three panel sizes (8.5 inch; 10.4 inch; 7 “) will be released over the coming months. A 12.1” display module and a head-up display (HUD) are also under consideration.
  • MGL’s famous “simulator”, a Windows based screen designer and simulator is no longer a simulator – it is the real thing. A free EFIS if you like …

The highly modular form of iEFIS systems increases flexibility for special applications; reduces cost; greatly simplifies installation requirements; makes multi-panel systems very affordable; and enables configurations offering very high levels of redundancy (multiple panel/multi sensor/2 x iBOX configurations).

Take a Peek at what the iEFIS has in store for you ….

And for some real detail on the system which OUT-DATES all other EFIS systems read the:

Preliminary iEFIS user manual

Preliminary iBOX installation manual

Preliminary iEFIS installation manual

Quick start guide – Installation & first use

iEFIS and G2 navigation manual

Autopilot manual

Preliminary iEFIS alteration guide

Migration from current EFIS systems to the iEFIS – differences to be aware of

iEFIS Simulator and Screen designer, firmware upgrades. Click the previous link to be directed to the iEFIS Update page. This page contains the latest versions of the iEFIS firmware, iBOX firmware and the “iEFIS Screen designer and simulator” application.

**iEFIS systems now available ex-stock.

Dimensions for the iEFIS display modules:

Panel dimensions iEFIS Discovery (7″)

Panel dimensions iEFIS Explorer (8.5″)

Panel dimensions iEFIS Challenger (10.4″)